Green Leaf Investment Fund
Legal Weed Growing Commercial Real Estate Investment Properties for Sale

Why Us


Why Us?

Experienced management team, that has managed portfolios in excess of $2 Billion Dollars.



An outlet for non-accredited investors to invest in the cannabis industry and a Pre-IPO company.


Advisory Board with one of the leading lawyers in the industry and one of the top cultivators in the United States.




why now?

The tides are quickly turning which means it's only a matter of time before the early-in investment opportunities with larger returns will no longer be available. 

•Recreational States: 8

•Medicinal States: 19

•CBD Oil Only: 16

•Illegal: 11

market overview

The current market is growing at a rapid rate. Research shows projected growth is in for a huge climb as well. 

market growth.jpg

rapid growth.jpg

rapid growth

The expected industry revenues projected.