Welcome to the Green Leaf Investment Fund

We Invest, Develop and Broker Commercial Real Estate Properties for the Purpose of Growing CANNABIS for Legal Medical and Recreational Purposes


Green leaf investment fund

Green Leaf Investment Fund is an early-stage company that intends to provide facilities optimized for the cultivation of cannabis in compliance with U.S. state and local regulations for both medical and recreational use. 

The company will purchase undervalued warehouse properties and /or greenhouses in states that currently have cannabis legalization laws in place or are anticipated to in the near future. We will infuse capital into the warehouse building to make it optimal for cannabis growers and then sell and/or lease these specialized properties for large returns.

Green leaf investment fund's Mission Statement

Green Leaf Investment Fund's mission will be to serve as a publicly traded company that identifies, targets, develops and operates marijuana growing warehouses and other types of commercial growing investment properties within legal cannabis real estate zoning sectors. We will than lease these properties for above market returns or sell them on the open market. GLIF will also utilize its subsidiaries Bud Properties LLC and Stocks Marijuana LLC to bring the latest cannabis properties for sale on the market to the public as well as providing the latest news regarding publicly traded stocks in the sector as well as the ever changing news effecting the industry. 

Legal Marijuana State Growing Zones

We have partnered with HerbFront to provide the latest zoning maps for the sector. By signing up through our offering you will receive a discount on their zoning maps! Whether you're in a new state with new laws, or an established cannabis state with evolving medical or recreation marijuana laws, their technology and ability to locate properly zoned marijuana growing properties and dispensaries to lease or purchase will give our customers a serious competitive advantage on the marketplace.

Green leaf investment fund Property offerings

Find Your Next Cannabis Real Estate property: Search for real estate or business listings, list availability, and locate financing for your new property using our service, budproperties.com. We will help you find the ideal financing terms based on the relationship the company has with lenders in the industry.