Green Leaf Investment Fund
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Portfolio Holdings

Green Leaf Investment Fund Current Holdings:


1. Fool's Gold Enterprises, LLC

is located in Northern California and currently has 18 licensed outdoor cannabis farms under management.  The company has experienced close to 100% growth year-over-year in foot print. The companies short term vision is to put up Greenhouses onto each of the properties, to maximize revenues. Damon Bates, CEO of Fool's Gold is anticipating further growth over the next few months with hopes of being one of the largest cannabis cultivators in the State of California in 2018.


2. SDPlex CO. LTD

SDPlex designs & builds reusable software components that handle SMALL DATA for Enterprise Applications. Such as Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Systems. By acquiring and then contextualizing them at the EDGE. Integrating and combining (PLEX) OT and IT (IoT).



3. Green Leaf Gardens, LLC

is an Oregon company that partners with local farmers and landowners to grow premium cannabis using time-tested cultivation practices that reflect the best art and science of growing, robust and highly documented compliance measures, and an organized farm-to-market sales and distribution strategy.



4. Intelligent Wireless Networks, Inc.

is a provider of rural WiFi networks, applications, and software to support precision farming. We design, build, monitor and maintain our proprietary wireless networks in the agriculture and entertainment venue industries. Our networks bridge the gaps left behind in rural communities and the high-density urban communities. While the tech world frantically works on the newest application and device, we focus on the overlooked need for robust networks that these gadgets and gizmos are designed to operate.