challenge -Industry standards still in development. Farmers often employ bare minimum input as the current return allows it. This leads to an inconsistent weak brand value.

SOLUTION. This leaves the market wide open for any new competition that decides to run a tight ship, taking advantages of tried and true methodologies of success.

CHALLENGE- MARKET IS Primarily a cash based enterprise

SOLUTION. Aspects of industry are compartmentalized for monetization of assets and services in lieu of oncoming regulation without hangups.

CHALLENGE- The cannabis industry is still growing through the black market into the grey market and very soon into a regulated one.

SOLUTION. We stress transparency within business partnerships and highly selective in our clientele to be on board with regulation.

CHALLENGE- Fractured industry due to inconsistent regulation

SOLUTION. We specialize in agile management consulting methodologies to utilize circular business models to which networks will rely on each other at a lower risk monetized through like industry connections.

CHALLENGE- Current S.O.P. models are still in transition from legacy technology to modern methodology and practices

SOLUTION. We are active participants in our  ongoing operational work. By using integrated money management as well as lending a hand with any interconnected business that could supplement productivity, Greenleaf exercises a strong client-partner relationship.