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According to ArcView, legal cannabis sales in the United States jumped 17% to $5.4 billion in 2015 and sales are forecasted to grow a stunning 25% in 2016 reaching $6.7 billion in total U.S. sales.



According to one of ArcView’s research reports, The State of Legal Marijuana Markets – 4th Edition, legal cannabis sales in the United States jumped 17% to $5.4 billion in 2015 and sales are forecasted to grow a stunning 25% in 2016 reaching $6.7 billion in total U.S. sales. Even more impressive is the prediction that the legal cannabis market will see $22.8 billion in gross revenue by 2020. To help put this figure in perspective, the National Football League (NFL) saw roughly $12 billion in total revenue during 2015.

November 2016 Marijuana Ballot Measures

A leading factor in this windfall growth is the expected legalization of many states over the next few years starting with the November 2016 elections. Up until now most of the action has been on the West Coast, aside from D.C.

This year recreational legalization is expected to start on the East Coast. Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New England, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont are all pushing ballot measures in November 2016.  On the West Coast, California, Nevada and Arizona are almost certainly guaranteed to pass recreational marijuana use legislation.

The United States Favors Legalization

A 2015 Gallup poll found that now 58% of all Americans support legalization and it was the third consecutive year that such a large majority of Americans supported the legalization of marijuana.

Building a High-Technology Marijuana Industry

Well-versed in the business of brokering a wide variety of commercial real estate properties and zoning laws, our team realized that most of the people jumping into the marijuana industry were real estate neophytes. Nor did they have experience in researching, managing and complying with local zoning laws, which have wide variations from state-to-state and county-to-county. Our team identified the huge pent-up demand within the marijuana industry for some high-tech data mining tools that could cross-tab local zoning laws with available commercial real estate properties in order to find undervalued properties that could be refurbished with new lights, HVAC and watering facilities and resold at a 300% markup. A very lucrative business opportunity for a team of commercial real estate brokers with hundreds of years of combined experience and many established relationships with hard-money lenders, commercial real estate investors and venture capitalists to fund these new green startups and green real estate investment properties.

Green Leaf Investment Fund, Inc.

To serve the booming marijuana industry, growers and cannapreneurs would need commercial real estate to setup new marijuana apothecaries, dispensaries, testing laboratories, and high-tech growing warehouses, so my team decided to found Green Leaf Investment Fund, Inc. Our firm will utilize geographic information systems (GIS) that will capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data. Utilizing these GIS tools we have identified undervalued buildings in states with marijuana legalization and are working hard to bring online more properties in new states that have marijuana measures on the 2016 or bills moving through the state legislatures.  When the green rush starts we will be able to provide our clients with an immediate competitive advantage in finding premium commercial real estate properties, purchase them, infuse capital to make them ideal for growers and then sell them on the open market at premium prices.

Equity Crowdfunding Investment Opportunity

To raise money to fund facilities, computer networks, geographic information systems and hire local information technology staff and real estate brokers on a state-by-state basis, Green Leaf Investment Fund, Inc. has been approved by the SEC to issue a Title IV, Reg. A+, Tier II equity crowdfunding offering, which will soon be disclosed and hosted on (This article is not a legal offering).

This will allow everyone from established broker dealers with investment syndicates as well as every medical and recreational pot aficionado to purchase equity shares and become owners of a very well positioned marijuana commercial real estate mapping, consulting and brokering firm that will become a leading player in the United States cannabis industry.

The equity investment opportunity allows anyone to invest and reap the rewards from from investing in new marijuana startups and get in on the ground level. As my grandfather taught me, our firm will instill in every single employee the understanding of how important shareholders are and that investors will always come first in every financial decision that we make for the future of this firm.

Douglas DiSanti, founder & CEO of Green Leaf Investment Fund Inc. – Mr. DiSanti has been in the commercial real estate industry for over seven years. He has worked for two major banks; as an underwriter he structured and underwrote $1.5 Billion dollars in commercial real estate loans ranging from warehouse, retail/office, co-op, condominiums and multi-family buildings. Mr. DiSanti, currently manages a team of portfolio managers at a multi-international bank. His own portfolio consists of 400 commercial real estate loans – in excess of $2 Billion dollars. Mr. DiSanti is well known in the industry and considered and expert in commercial real estate properties. He received his MBA from Texas A&M – Commerce and a M.S. in finance from the College at Brockport.